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Adult urology

TOT operation for incontinence in women (SUI – stress urinary incontinence)
4000,00 zł
DILEP – Diode laser enucleation of the prostate
from 8000,00 zł
Phimosis surgery
1200,00 zł
Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy – (ESWL) or kidney stone removal
700,00 zł
Urodynamic analysis
430,00 zł
Biopsy of prostate tumour
500,00 zł + cost of HP
URSL (endoscopic crushing and removal of stones from the ureter)
4000,00 zł
Electro resection of bladder tumour – TURBT
from 2000,00 zł
Transurethral electro resection of the prostate – TURP
from 4000,00 zł
from 350,00 zł
UIO with general anaesthesia
1800,00 zł
40,00 zł
USG of the kidney and urinary bladder with urological consultation
140,00 zł
Short frenulum surgery
700,00 zł
Hydrocele testis treatment
2500,00 zł
Epydidimal cysts
2000,00 zł

Paediatric urology

Hydrocele testis treatment
2500,00 zł
Prostate surgery
3000,00 zł
Penile hypospadias surgery
3000,00 zł
Kidney-ureter stone removal – ESWL (with general anaesthesia for children)
1000,00 zł
Phimosis surgery (with general anaesthesia)
1700,00 zł
Uteral reflux surgery (1 side)
2500,00 zł
Cryptochordism (undescended testis)
2800,00 zł
Varicoceles (of the scrotum veins)
2200,00 zł
TRS – removing remains of vanishing testes
2000,00 zł
Testicular implants
1800,00 zł + cost of implant
Children’s hernia
2500,00 zł