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Tummy tuck

This is a common name for many different procedures to improve the external appearance of the stomach affected by pregnancy, loss of body weight or aging of the organism. We can classify them as follows: common tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, reverse tummy tuck, and liposuction from the area of the abdomen may also be counted as part of the same group of treatments. The operation is carried out under general anaesthesia and involves removal of excessive skin and fatty tissue below the belly button with an incision running from one iliac crest, through the suprapubic region, to the other iliac crest. In the typical tummy tuck the belly button is cut round and stitched into a new location. Most often the stomach muscles are reinforced by simply inserting special sutures. After the operation there is a scar running along the lower abdomen, which can easily be hidden by the underwear, and around the belly button. Indications for this operation are above all an excess of slack skin, loose drooping folds, outward protrusions to the front, as well as other signs related to obesity or excess weight. Mini tummy tuck differs from the full treatment by the lack of belly button re-siting, a shorter scar and a lack of scar round the belly button. Reverse tummy tuck involves an incision below the breast, and is intended for persons of advanced age. The stay at the clinic is for 1-2 days, with removal of stitches from around the belly button after 7 days, and the removal of the remaining stitches 10-12 days after the operation. Washing is possible after 5 days, with full recovery to physical activity after 4 weeks. It is necessary to wear a special belt for 1 month. After the plastic surgery the patient may feel some discomfort for the first few days when trying to stretch. For this reason it is also necessary to move about every two hours or so during the day. It is advisable not to lie too long in bed, since such a state may lead to the occurrence of blood clots in the legs. With the passing of time it is necessary to slowly increase physical activity. One should be aware that tension and stretching of the skin may cause some pain, e.g., when using the toilet or when coughing. In the meantime it is recommended to use some pain killers. Also recommended is the intake of large amounts of fluids and consumption of fruits and other products rich in dietary fibre. It is also possible to lose feeling in the vicinity of the plastic surgery, however this state will return to normal after a few month

Laboratory tests are required: 
Morphology, APTT and PT time, ionogram, HBV, HCV and HiV antibody.
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