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Fat tissue removal – liposuction

This treatment is for remodelling the figure and involves the mechanical removal of fatty tissue from many different places of the body, namely: the area underneath the chin (submandibular), chest, arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves, pubic area and others. It should be noted that liposuction is not a means of slimming and is carried out on persons who have a small amount of fatty tissue which they are unable to lose by physical exercise. In order for the operation to be permanent not only the operation but a change of diet and physical exercise is necessary. What is liposuction? – it is a treatment involving the sucking away of excess fatty tissue from the body part of interest to us. It is done by making a small incision in the skin (most often in places where there is a natural fold in the skin, in order to reduce visibility of potential scars), through which a special metal  cannula (tube) is fed, which reduces and sucks out the fatty tissue. Several different methods of liposuction are applied, depending on the part of the body and amount of fat to be removed. What is the purpose of the treament? – It is done with the aim of removing an excess of fat, to improve the figure as well as the health of the patient. It should be remembered that liposuction is not a method of slimming and is not recommended in the case of patients suffering from obesity. Liposuction is recommended for persons with a normal figure, but who have a problem losing fatty tissue from specific parts of the body, in spite of following a diet or doing physical exercise. It is also worth remembering that after the treatment one should take care of one’s condition in order not to return to the same state as before the treatment. Fat removed by liposuction may serve to enhance the lips, fill deep wrinkles or loss of soft tissue. What effects can be achieved? – It is one of the safest treatments in the area of cosmetic surgery. However, it is important that the patient who has undergone liposuction follows exactly the recommendations of the doctor. Especially good results are obtained by liposuction in areas of the body with firm and elastic skin and in persons less than 40 years of age, even though an upper age limit is not indicated. The effects of the treatment are visible as early as one week after the operation, although the best effect is achieved after about 4-6 weeks.

Laboratory tests are required: 
Morphology, APTT and PT time, ionogram, HBV, HCV and HiV antibody. Should be discontinued oral contraceptives.
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