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Cosmetic surgery

Breast surgery

Breast reduction
from 12000,00 zł
Reduction of nipple areola skin area
4000,00 zł
Breast enlargement
from 13000,00 zł
Nipple extension
2500,00 zł

Cosmetic surgery on the face

Nose tip surgery
4500,00 zł
Flattening of protruding ears
3000,00 zł - 4000,00 zł
Earlobe surgery
1000,00 zł
Repair of nose after accident
10000,00 zł
Modification of nose bone and cartilage
8000,00 zł
Reduction of earlobes
2000,00 zł
Reduction of pinnas (outer ears)
4000,00 zł
Flattening of curled pinnas
4000,00 zł
Modification of nasal septum
6000,00 zł
Upper eyelid surgery
4000,00 zł

Abdominal surgery

Tummy tuck
11000,00 zł
Navel surgery
2000,00 zł
Fat tissue removal – liposuction
from 4500,00 zł

Correction of the external genitalia

Reduction of the labia major
4000,00 zł
Reduction of the labia minor
3000,00 zł

Other operations

Electrosection of skin disorders
250,00 zł
Excision of skin disorders
100,00 zł
Scar tissue surgery from
from 400,00 zł/cm
Excision of tatoos
400,00 zł/cm