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Breast enlargement

This procedure is for women who are not happy with the size of their breasts. It involves inserting a silicon breast implant. In ouer practice implants produced by Mentor ( )from the USA or by the German company, Polytech ( ) are used. Silicon implants supplied by Mentor have a lifetime guarantee against bursting without external cause, and in the event of a failure by bursting Mentor will cover the cost of a new implant and operation. Micropolyurethane implants from Polytech have an additional and globally unique 10-year guarantee that they will not move or turn and that no tissue merging due to pressure will occur. The most important matter is the selection of size and shape of implant, and for this purpose we use the Matrix implant selection method of biometrics. The surgical operation is carried out under general anaesthesia. The implant is inserted through a cut in the lower breast fold or around the nipple areola complex. The pocket for the implant is created under the pectoralis major muscle or under the breast tissue. After inserting the implant the surgical site is drained and sutured. The stay at the clinic is 1 day. After the operation the patient wears a bra for 2 months, while after using a micropolyurethane implant, for 1 month. Full return to form is 4-6 weeks.

Laboratory tests are required: 
Morphology, APTT and PT time, breast ultrasound, ionogram, HBV, HCV and HiV antibody.
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