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About the clinic

The Clinic has been on medical market since 1999 and was originally established as Specialist Medical Centre UROLOG to be then taken over by Cherry Clinic. The original purpose of the Clinic was to provide crushing kidney stones service also known as Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL). The range of services that the Clinic currently has to offer evolved over recent years and it now includes medical testament such as: male and female plastic surgery, adult and child urology, general surgery, ophthalmology, laryngology and orthopaedics.


All medical procedures are undertaken by experienced and respected specialists. Treatments are carried out under anaesthesia and assisted by qualified nurses. The clinic has a modern operating room and a number of treatment rooms. The patients rest in comfortable rooms after treatments.

The clinic meets the highest quality standards that are approved and certified:



Constant monitoring, usage of the newest technology, highest quality service and adherence to medical procedures reduces the risk of medical complications whilst providing preferred and expected service by our patients.

We believe in quality of our services rather than quantity therefore all patients are assessed before any treatment is undertaken to ensure they meet all necessary requirements. This applies to both surgical and general treatments. If patients experience any medical complications (which unfortunately do happen occasionally even in the best clinics in the world) our Clinic has an agreement with the local and reputable hospital to provide care to all our patients under all circumstances.